Welcome to mushlab — a place where I mix my ideas, projects and random thoughts.

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Who I am?

As a researcher, I constantly strive to learn and explore. I am passionate about multidisciplinary real-world problems that require not only understanding of different domains but also relations among them. My interests range from maps, graph algorithms, transportation systems, to self-driving cars and applied machine learning. I love projects that intersect the beauty of the physical models and uncertainty of complex systems.

As a software engineer, I have a possibility to design and build. My mission is to enable understanding and solving complex problems by using data (lots of data!). I’ve been always passionate about data visualization (especially of multidimensional data) and more recently machine learning, especially deep neural networks.

As a person, I am: explorative, passionate, idealistic, and curious. Always seeking to learn something new and taking up various challenges. My incurable optimism makes me stayed motivated on my journey.