FCD2VANET is a tool to generate dynamic graphs of moving vehicles.

As an input, a floating car data (FCD) is provided that specifies position and speed of individual cars every timestamp.


  • constructs a dynamic graph, where vertices are cars and edges are wireless internet connections among cars
  • calculates social network statistics on the graph
  • visualises the evolution of the graph as snapshots of images

Two pictures below present the snapshots of the graph at two different times: the first one when the traffic is sparse and there are no many connections (6:00 am), the second one during morning rush hour when most of vehicles on main roads are connected (7:00 am). Green dots show vehicles, red lines existing connections between vehicles (for communication range 300 m):

sparse trafficdense traffic

Source code: FCD2VANET github project

To learn more, read research category on dynamic graphs.