Connected Cars

What are connected cars?

Connected Cars (CC) are a breakthrough concept in transportation technology.
The vision is simple — all cars communicate wirelessly with the outside world. Thanks to the rapid advancements and ubiquity of wireless communication this is about to happen soon.


Why do we care?

Connected cars will gradually improve the overall quality of road traffic and eventually transform driving experience to the fully automated self-driven cars. How cool is that?
Two main types of applications are focused on improving:

  • Safety – e.g. collision avoidance, cooperative autonomous cruise control
  • Efficiency – e.g. advanced traveller information system (ATIS) providing drivers real-time and reliable travel condition information
How does it work?

Vehicles are instrumented with a specialized on board equipment (OBE) providing wireless interfaces.
There exist multiple different communication protocols, but two the most important are:

  • Wi-Fi – Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) that connects cars with their neighborhood: V2V, V2I, I2V
  • Cellular – LTE: V2C, C2V, I2C, C2I
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